Monday, May 24, 2010

First the news about the old video!

Hey guys right before I show you the newest video, I'll show you the oldest one!

Here it is!

TheBoysFromTheBlue  May 04, 2010 — Hey guys!
Thanx for checking out or first video!
Hope you Enjoy it!

In this episode of 'TheBoysFromTheBlue' we simply put out our exploding randomness bomb while we tried to present ourselves to you!

In this video we made reference to known people like: Ray William Johnson, Fred, ComicFire7, John Lennon and even the Psyco Dog man (prop to them!), so before you HATE us for doing it, relax, and enjoy it. Its only for the fun!

And extra thanx to Neves for paying along with us!

Until next time!
Stay True!

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