Saturday, July 3, 2010

DIY Camera Stabilizer!

Well Hello Hello!

New video, on DIY Camera Stabilizers:

So as you all may know ( or not ) the Flip Ultra HD Camera (which is what we use) does NOT have image stabilization, not even digital stabilization, so, for fast paced scenes, or even some faster handheld scenes, the camera simply shakes to much, so we set out to make a DIY Camera Stabilizer.

We tried several methods and ideas that people have created and posted on youtube, but we ended up prefering one of them LOTS over the others.

This is the Original Creator's Link: (CREDIT TO THEM, great job guys! It's awesome!)

The Original Stabilizer consists of 3 pieces of PVC with a PVC 'T' Joint and 2 45ยบ Elbows with Weights at the tips.

As we couldn't get white PVC anywhere, we used standard kitchen plumbing PVC, and instead of Bike Pegs for Weights we actually used Fishing Lead Weights, 5x70g on each side. Also, instead of using a 'T' Joint, we used a 'y' joint, as you can see in the video.

If you have any questions, just post on the comments bellow!

Hope you enjoy!

Stay True!

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