Sunday, May 30, 2010

So The inspiration Failed

Hey guys!

So today Jade & Blue went around the city and took the cameras with them, but even though they walked nearly all day, the inspiration simply never came! =P

Well maybe tomorow? Or the day after ? =P

Anyway here goes the photo of one of the places they walked by! =)

Have a great day!

Stay True!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zombies Again? Obama the Zombie??


New video out! check it out now! =D

TheBoysFromTheBlue  May 24, 2010 — SO...

One day Jade & Blue where playing Call of Duty Nazi Zombies when they decided they needed a 'survivor' (so they could close up all the windows) and when they looked at him it was love at first sight. They decided to name him Obama because he was so cute and cudly and friendly.

Hence they had the wonderful idea to make a movie about him, BUT since they had just seen Shane Lee's Octave Video they decided to make it a video response to him!

(Shane's Video: )

Props to Shane for uploading such an entertaining video!

No Hate! Just FUN!

Enjoy guys!

Stay True!

Monday, May 24, 2010

And Then! Our NEW Video!


Here's the Newest video!!

TheBoysFromTheBlue  May 23, 2010 — Hey guys!
Thanx for checking out or second video!
Hope you Enjoy it!

In this episode of 'TheBoysFromTheBlue' we discuss the probability of a zombie apocalypse based on the genetical advances of science!!!

Relax, and Enjoy. Its only for the fun!

Until next time!
Stay True!

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First the news about the old video!

Hey guys right before I show you the newest video, I'll show you the oldest one!

Here it is!

TheBoysFromTheBlue  May 04, 2010 — Hey guys!
Thanx for checking out or first video!
Hope you Enjoy it!

In this episode of 'TheBoysFromTheBlue' we simply put out our exploding randomness bomb while we tried to present ourselves to you!

In this video we made reference to known people like: Ray William Johnson, Fred, ComicFire7, John Lennon and even the Psyco Dog man (prop to them!), so before you HATE us for doing it, relax, and enjoy it. Its only for the fun!

And extra thanx to Neves for paying along with us!

Until next time!
Stay True!

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Friday, May 21, 2010


Heeyyy Yall!!!

SO, first of all, hey, this is Blue & Jade speaking, and We hope that you will become our friend, follower, subscriber and part of the 'TheBoysFromTheBlue' family! SO to start, here's the link to our Youtube channel!




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